Hawkers Fight Back

The Paintings The Hawkers

It is known that from time to time the kanjo  (county council guards) swoop down on street side hawkers who are mainly women, beat them up, load them on to trucks sometimes leaving their young children behind unattended, confiscate their fruits, vegetables and other wares, and no doubt solicit for bribes.

On this particular ???? Day morning the county council trucks arrived and the guards approached the women. But instead of trying as usual to get away, the women reached deep into their kiondos (baskets), clasped the rocks and stones they had hidden there and pelted the guards. So shocked were the guards that all they could do was run back to their trucks and drive away at breakneck speed.

The posters displayed on the wall of corrugated iron sheets encourage viewers to drink milk rather than spend their money on sodas and cigarettes.

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